Vic | 22 | Human

Wow, shut the fuck up.

I’m so sick of people.

Now I know
Gotta live life on my toes.

I was totally wrong about you. It should’ve gone differently. I hate that though. Now I feel like things are different. Which sucks. I don’t get why people have to be so stubborn. Adaptation is a very important thing. And the fact that you think I’m not doing things simply because I’m on a leash is ridiculous. Don’t tell me about being careful, when you’re setting yourself up in a position of pain. 

I’ve walked the same path. You’re always talking on how you were raised, what’s happened to you. I remember when that’s all I would harp on. And that shows how much I’ve grown in my journey.

I keep forgetting that you’re young. And I hope for your sake, whenever you grow up, that you’ll realize all the things you misinterpreted.

Not everyone is out to get you. And you really need to look at the bigger picture, and stop playing the victim. Trust me. 

I’ve been on the front lines for that warzone. And playing victim will get you nowhere fast.

These past few months have been really stressful. I’m sick and tired of feeling this way. I’m trying to be positive, but it hard. And I’m scared now to express how I’m feeling. Because so many people want to slap a label on me. I’m struggling to be okay. Yeah, I can be stubborn and hard-headed. But I think people forget that I’ve been through a lot too. And I’m still around. It’s not the end of me. I’m just trying. And that’s all I really can do.

I just got home from the park. I went there with Ryan. He’s really easy to talk to, it’s unfortunate that so many people don’t understand him. He’s been through a lot, and we share a lot of similarities. You don’t meet people like that now. Most people see him as a really loud silly person, but he’s actually quite genuine. I hope things start looking up for him, because he deserves it.

My mom is so cute. Lately she’s really been trying to understand what’s going on with me. She’s come really far in the last few years and I’m so proud of her for that.

I’m in such an odd place of mind right now. I’m grieving over the loss of a close family friend, which is something I’ve never experienced before. I’m also having a hard time at work. Things were going great for a while, but now I see how much bullshit I’m dealing with. It’s really ridiculous. 

I don’t want to get too much into it, but I’m not being treated fairly, and it’s finally wearing on me.

I’m a person too.


This is going to be my play ground for thought. A journal of sorts. I have a plethora of ideas and musings. And this would be a fantastic place to document those.